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Are you a blogger who doesn’t track your influence? Or a blogger who doesn’t know why tracking is vital to your blogging career? Perhaps you never considered the value of tracking your material, but truthfully, it is one of the most important aspects to gain success. In light of influencer marketing, tracking is the key to seeing your results, and the social impact that you have within your community.

More Engagement

As a writer, you have personal instincts about what appeals to your audience. You may have insights, hunches, and ideas, but you don’t know anything for certain unless you track. Tracking the success of your blog confirms the suspicions you might have and indicates what is valued by your audience and what is not working. Tracking is a great way to measure the impact of your content, giving you the power to please your readers and create influence at the same time.

Better Content

Keeping track of your activity will also help you develop content. By learning what is most popular, you are able to write more on these subjects. You can also measure results through subject line by keeping track of which are making the most ground. Tracking ensures things are done better for the benefit of your audience and influencers. We experience writer's block and knowing your readers will allow you to find out what type of content would resonate with your audience easier. For instance, if you get more traffic on "How To" blog posts, than general topics with no tips, then add more of these types of posts to your editorial calendar. Also, be on top of your social media insight and again check for the level of engagement on various posts and optimize your engagement by posting more of those types of content.

Audience Demographics

Tracking your blog also informs you about the demographics of your readers. This information is valuable as you can customize your content to satisfy the exact needs and wants of your audience and thus better engage them. Measuring your analytics will also help you to find out your traffic sources so you can monopolize in promoting your blog and influencing your community via those platforms. By knowing your audience and their engagement level, it is easier to collaborate with brands who have the same target audience and monetize your blog. As you are running campaigns for different brands, you can also present your client’s with the results to justify your fees.

Showing Value to Brands Influencer marketing has been proven to be one of the most effective and low costs marketing strategies of today. So, when collaborating with brands, make sure to share the performance of your collaboration for them to see your value in a quantifiable manner. Make sure to report on your blog post's unique visitors, impressions, the number of likes and comments, and clicks as well as your social media engagement (Likes, shares, retweets, comments, DMs, reposts, etc).




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