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6 Photography Tips That Take Your Blogging Career to The Next Level!

As a blogger or influencers, your photos are the bread and butter of your business. It's crucial that the photos you post on your blog or social media can capture your personal touch and stand out from the billions of content produced everyday. However, not every influencer is a professional photographer. Which is why I did an interview with an experienced photographer, Aida Miri, the talent behind Aida Miri Photography, to share some great tips and tricks to help bloggers and influencers transform their photos to another level.

1.Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

My name is Aida. I have a BFA from Emily Carr University, majoring in Photography. Before I went to school I had a cheap point and shoot camera and I used my friends as models to create artistic portraits. Once I got a nicer camera and got better at the technical aspects of photography, I started collaborating with bloggers and models, doing test shoots. I eventually began directing my own creative photography projects and submitting them as online and print editorials. My work has been published in multiple international publications. Recently I’ve been focusing more on doing advertising and editorials for local brands and designers. Even though I went to school for photography, most of my knowledge in digital fashion photography is self taught, through practice and trial and error. I get my everyday inspirations from other photographers’ work and blogs. And I try to be as diverse as possible in my style and approach to fashion.