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Is Your Media Kit Doing You ANY Justice?!

In the online world of influencer marketing pdf media kits are just antiquated!

Also, when you're showcasing your work to potential clients, that's basically the first impression they receive from you. If you have a modern, live, visually appealing and easy to read media kit, it is more likely that brands will choose you to represent their brand, because they know that you will also reflect the same level of professionalism in your partnership as well.

IKit, is an amazing tool which bloggers can leverage to create live, mobile-optimized media kits that has many great benefits for bloggers and influencers regardless of their level of expertise and experience!

The IKit not only helps bloggers to display past work for brands to see in order to begin collaboration campaigns, but the overall straightforward experience of the users & viewers are simplistically-seamless as still waters. Here's my own media kit which I created on the IKit and have been sharing on my blog and social media. I managed to get 3 collaborations within the first month by simply sharing the link to my IKit with brands.

Peter Morville, a pioneer in understanding UX (User Experience) notes that Usable, Desirable, Credible, Accessible, Findable, and Useful are key ingredients as to why audiences stay interested on a certain page. Here is a breakdown of our IKit to help benefit bloggers, both novices and experts, by using those 6 essential components in our platform.


This may be overlooked on the regular, but the fact that the IKit is a live platform saves you significant time! That means the links you provide from your social media channels, for example: Instagram; have received 10,000 new followers, those numbers on the IKit will change correspondingly, automatically. Showcasing up-to-date content all the time.


Putting together your past work can sometimes look like a jumble of inconsistency, which can shun viewers from navigating through the rest. The IKit’s “easy on the eyes” approach lets you link previous content and collaborations onto the platform without having extra clutter for confusion. Think of your influence as your portfolio. No matter how big or small your past work is, it will boost your credibility and that experience is experience in the eyes of businesses.


A great esthetic design that has an alluring concept behind it will stay in the back of the public’s mind. This creates the brands image; a large part as to why some of these large brands continue to sell what they do. The IKit allows bloggers to do the same by having templates ready for use, creating and expressing their own image causing desirable impressions. This too, saves money in the future. How? Stated from Website Builder Expert - Connie Wong, an average web designer charges between 300-1,000$ to create a website.


Exactly what it sounds like. The freedom to customize your own IKit means more than just the liberty of playing around with cool combinations and hues. The real purpose of it is to allow bloggers to feel that their IKit has the flexibility to adapt to whichever client they’re reaching out to at the time. A more stylish and bourgeois kit for Vogue. Then changed to an urban-city lifestyle mood that could easily appeal to Daniel Wellington watches.


The IKit’s unique capability to create Uniform Resource Locators (URL) links allows you to send directly to that company by typing & entering the brands name. The recipient has only 1 month before the link you sent expires, in order to keep your data safe. Because the platform is live, they will continue to have up-to-date information everytime they open it, thus having access to your private work. We need to watch out for our bloggers as they are the fundamentals to SideBuy.


Displaying your reach is what Brand Marketers and PR Reps long for. These numbers can include your followings on Youtube and Facebook, or the number of monthly unique-visits, or an average spent time a user is on your blog. They can even include your audience's demographics such as: gender, age range, and geographic location. All of which is juicy information that companies would love to get their hands on.


Sounds like a dream come true right? The IKit provides links that are live which allocates to your other channels such as your blog homepage or Youtube, meaning that new viewers that stumble upon your IKit has accessible reach to your other social media pages. This can cause interested audiences to continue to venture into your platforms, creating traffic, exposure, and raising those numbers a tad-bit more.


Let’s begin with; what is open & viewer rate? Open & Viewer rate allows the sender of the email (you) to see which recipient (brands) actually opened the email sent out. Essentially, it’s similar to Facebook letting you see who’s viewed the message in a group chat. These figures are far more useful than one might think. It can help improve how you approach your subscribers or PR & Marketers through different subject headings, or sending the email on a certain day on a certain time. Before or after rush hour, or maybe during rush hour. It all varies on your audience, which you know best!

Sequentially, our new platform the IKit has many strong benefits to bloggers that covers Morville’s vital guide. It’s live status makes it accessible 24/7 for up to date information. Showcasing your influence increases your credibility. Customizations and arrangement of visuals creates desirable designs. A unique URL allows your IKit to be findable for brands, with a protective technique. Audiences alike will find it useful when locating your other social platforms. And lastly, you as a blogger can experience how usable the IKit can be.

Click here to view my online media kit created via Sidebuy

Click on my media kit to get the online view!




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