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For Bloggers | How to Get More Traffic on Your Blog Posts?

As a blogger, you spend a lot of time researching and crafting the perfect blog post and coming up with valuable content. However, if no one sees it, your efforts are wasted. Sometimes even the best content may stay unnoticed. Many bloggers overlook what comes after publishing the post. It is essential to promote your content on multiple platforms and channels to extend your reach and get as many eyeballs as you can.

Here is a list of top five channels that you can promote your blog posts after you publish them for more traffic and exposure:

1) Social Media:

Social media is a more obvious channel. However, many bloggers do not effectively utilize its full potential. For instance, you can promote the same post with different captions and do an A/B testing to monitor what type of wording or images better appeal to your audience. You can also promote the same post with different images and captions more than once for increased traffic. Google+ is a great channel for content promotion and it offers more virality and increased SEO compared to other social media. Facebook groups are another effective way to further promote your content. These groups are created around a specific topic so you are able to share your content with a more relevant group that are not necessarily your followers.

2) Blogger Communities: