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My Love-Hate Relationship with Eyelash Extensions and What I've Learnt So Far!

I started getting eyelash extensions since 3 months ago and was going to a clinic almost every two week to get refills after I got my full set of cat eye lashes for the first time. The first time I got the lashes, they looked quite thick and really bothered my eyes. I wear contacts, so it made my eyes even more uncomfortable. After 4 refill sessions, I decided to give my lashes a break and stopped getting any refills for a while. And that’s when I faced the reality! I'd literally lost ⅔ of my lashes and they even looked shorter since most of them were trimmed during the process. But I thought this is natural. I thought that’s the price you have to pay when you get lash extensions. So I started to use eyelash fortifiers which helped a bit to restore my natural lashes and they started to grow a bit. But at times I would be so tempted to go for another sessions because I looked so good with them. And, then I would convince myself that that’s a terrible decision if I want to keep my own relatively long and full lashes or I’d lose all of them in a year.

Then, I came across Claudine, the owner at Covet Lashes, through social media and she explained that getting eyelash extensions should not destroy your natural lashes. So I thought, ok let’s give this a try.

First of all, during the process, she has been super considerate about my comfort. Secondly she described that her lashes are vegan and cruelty free and the glue is a medical grade adhesive that's formaldehyde free, latex free and healthy Canada approved.

The process took around 2 hours and it was pain-free and actually quite relaxing that made me fall asleep. And, the result was phenomenal. My lashes looked super natural and yet they enhanced the shape of my eyes drastically. Also, what I loved about Claudine’s work was that after the session, she gave me a cleanser to use to clean the lashes and a fortifier to help fix the damage that the previous eyelash extensions has caused.

After a few days of my first session, I still felt very comfortable with them. Before, my face would be filled with lashes that unglued from my eyes. But my new lashes were not like that at all. Not only the new lashes have not affected my natural ones, but with the fortifier that she gave me they look fuller after a few weeks of using them everyday.

Also, I'm super thrilled to announce that Covet lashes is giving my followers 50% discount on their first visit if you book your appointment before Friday Aug 4th, 2017!

To book your appointment call (778) 968-9388 and share the referral code: YAS50




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