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Lady in Red!

Yasmin Ebrahimi | Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger | Vancouver

Anyone who knows me is aware that I am obsessed with the colour red! I can wear head-to-toe red everyday and everywhere. I can confidently say that I own a red version of every clothing or accessory item you can imagine! Red pants, heels, flats, shades, coats, aaaand the list is never ending. Well, enough said about my infatuation with red. With this long-lasting obsession of mine to this overpowering colour, I', always on the hunt for accessories or pieces to balance my overall look. So! Introducing my new very loved accessory: The Derek Cardigan cat-eyed sunnies from Clearly.

Yasmin Ebrahimi | Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger | Vancouver

I love the classic look of these sunglasses which goes perfectly with my retro-inspired look. The brown colour also creates a subtle contrast with my overall outfit and balances the overpowering shade of red.

Yasmin Ebrahimi | Fashion & Lifestyle Blogger | Vancouver

The best part about these sunglasses are that I ordered them online and who doesn't like having products delivered to your doorstep as if you're receiving a gift for being such an amazing person! Clearly is actually one of the pioneers in online shopping which was founded in 2000. With original styles and high quality eyewear, they have everything you need a click away when it comes to your glasses, sunnies and contacts! You simply need to know your measurements and use their MYFit tool to narrow down your options. It just can't get simpler than that!




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