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My Top 5 #OOTD in Japan

The fashion in Japan is definitely the reflection of its culture, history and climate. Productivity and efficiency are two prominent features of this country which explains the practical taste of most of the Japanese people who are running around most of the day and working long hours.

An interesting thing to spot in Japan is the uniformity of style which sheds light on the importance of conformity in Japan. Then, you go to Harajuku, the fashion neighbourhood of Tokyo, and you seen the decora youth culture where boys and girls spend hours dressing like marionettes with hundreds of colourful accessories and doll-like make up. This duality and the youth's need to express their individuality and their rejection of the traditional culture is also another significant aspect of the Japanese culture. The society allows the youth to practice their individuality to a healthy degree so they won't act it out in a violent or aggressive manner. To check out my 10 life-saving tips for first-time travellers to Japan click here!