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My Top 5 #OOTD in Japan

The fashion in Japan is definitely the reflection of its culture, history and climate. Productivity and efficiency are two prominent features of this country which explains the practical taste of most of the Japanese people who are running around most of the day and working long hours.

An interesting thing to spot in Japan is the uniformity of style which sheds light on the importance of conformity in Japan. Then, you go to Harajuku, the fashion neighbourhood of Tokyo, and you seen the decora youth culture where boys and girls spend hours dressing like marionettes with hundreds of colourful accessories and doll-like make up. This duality and the youth's need to express their individuality and their rejection of the traditional culture is also another significant aspect of the Japanese culture. The society allows the youth to practice their individuality to a healthy degree so they won't act it out in a violent or aggressive manner. To check out my 10 life-saving tips for first-time travellers to Japan click here!

In this post, I am sharing five of my looks that I put together in Japan for this Fall. The weather was very erratic with the first day being scorching hot and some days raining all day with crazy winds which didn't make it easy to pick the outfits I wished to wear.

My first look includes a long Banana Republic dress which has some traditional vibes to it. I picked this for my first day in Kyoto which is a more historic and traditional city.

I put together this all-red ensemble after 4 grey days of non-stop rain. If you've checked my Instagram, you'd know that red is also my favourite shade.

The Fushimi-Inari is a well-known temple in Kyoto that as a tourist you must visit. The orange gates are erected by kilometers up a heel into the woods creating a magical and somewhat psychedelic mood. I picked a monotone and colder hued pieces to balance the orange background of the temple.

For a full day in Shibuya, where we were on our feet for almost 10 hours, I selected some of my most comfortable items. A flared denim pants paired with an embroided denim jacket and a denim top underneath were my choices for a full day and a full night for this never-sleeping neighbourhood.

The black ensemble was the reflection of my mood in this rainy day in Kyoto, as unfortunately. I was dealing with some negativity back in Vancouver. We were walking around in the Gion area and stumbled upon a big door with no sign and no one in the area. I suggested we go in through the door as it wasn't locked. We discovered a stairway which we took to get to what seemed to be a temple. We went all the way up and found this breathtaking temple nestled in the middle of the forest and surrounded by bamboo trees.




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