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Top 5 Fashion Trends of 2018

In this day and age, with the popularity of social media where millions of fashionistas are constantly connected with each other, when it comes to style, girls are increasingly looking very similar all around the world. I 2016, I traveled to Toronto, New York, London, Berlin, and Paris and to my surprise at the fashionable neighborhoods of these very style-forward cities, girls were sporting very similar trends, almost identical. And, don't even get me started on the hipsters who look copycats of each other, universally. As a result, I don’t like to religiously follow trends.

Why? Well firstly, I can’t stand out if I dress like everyone esle, and as a petite fashion influencer where making an impact with your look is a must, dressing like everyone else prevents you from grabbing attention. Secondly, I have to invest in new wardrobe every season, and after the trend dies, I have to store the clothes for a few years, until that style would have a comeback. With my very limited closet and storage space, that's a very big hassle! And lastly, the reason for my style rebellion is that I believe true style is about sporting pieces that you love to wear and you feel comfortable in, in a way that if you’re walking down the street, there are heads turning and people giving you compliments.

That being said, as a fashion influencer, one of my daily routines is browsing through all of the latest collections and spotting the upcoming trends in fashion and style. The best way is to go through the collections on Vogue and look for recurring patterns, colors, shades, or silhouettes. At first, this might seem like a daunting task, but after a while, you’ll be surprised how fast you can find these trends. From my observations of the 2018 runway collections, there are specific themes that are popping up again and again. In this post, I am sharing the top 5 trends that will be dominating our wardrobes in the coming year!


As printing technology is getting more advanced, it is not surprising that designers are increasingly experimenting with fresh and innovative hues and patterns. In the year where augmented reality will become our actual reality, the techy shades of metallics will be witnessed as a staple color! Metallic shoes, jackets, dresses, skirt