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The Holiday #OOTD Series | LOOK 3

It's the holiday season and it's time for another Holiday #OOTD!

If you checked out my previous Holiday posts, you'd notice that this one is much different than the first two. The reason behind the versatile looks is that first of all, I am a chameleon when it comes to fashion. I don't have one specific style that I'm into. What actually draws me to fashion is that I can be anyone I want by dressing up like it. So for my third Holiday look, I went with neutral shades and feminine accessories.

I remember around five years ago writing about the revival of pink on my blog. Back then, I was still ambivalent to try out this shade, previously known as the big no no of fashion. But, one thing that I'm passionate about is experimenting with different colors and making a bold statement. Although blush pink by itself might not be as impactful but it is conveniently paired with other shades. As white and metallic are going dominate our wardrobes in 2018, various shades of pink would be an easy addition to these trending colors.

For my third holiday look, I wanted to change the theme a bit so I took off the flashy reds and the funky furs. For this #OOTD, I paired a white blouse and a bomber jacket in blush pink from one my favourite mobile pop-up shop and online boutiques based in Vancouver, Double the Love & Co, with a silver faux leather skirt from Zara. I went with a pink and silver shoes to enhance the colors even more and accessorize the look with white and pink rounded earrings and necklace to create a classic ensemble.




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