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For Petite Fashionstas | 5 Fashion Tricks to Look Taller

Believe it or not I am only 5 feet and 1 inch (155 cm) and I always incorporate style hacks to look more elongated! I am sharing with you 5 tips to look taller if you are petite like me!


Wether it's dress pants, jeans, skirts or even jumpsuits, always remember to pick the ones that are high waisted. This will make your legs look much longer. Also when it comes to the hem, if you are going with a cropped one, always pair it with heels. I love these denim jeans from Alexa Chung by AG Jeans! Also when going with high waisted definitely pair them with cropped tops and in this case a cropped faux fur jacket.

2) Ankle Boots VS. Long Boots

Ankle boots are the best type of shoes for petite people like myself. Taller boots if they are up to your knees, since they are cutting your legs in half are not a flattering option. I recommend to opt for a shorter ankle length, which won't have the same leg-shortening effect. Also, try to match the colours of your looks instead of going with contrasting colours if you are on the shorter side.

3) Tall Sleeves Can do The Trick

If you are tiny like me, the chances are that you have shorter arms as well. Going with longer sleeves is also another trick to make the illusion that you have longer arms to create a more elongated look. Of course, there's always a balance to avoid looking like a long-armed monster!

4) Pointed Shoes Can Be Your Best Friend

Shoes are the most important ingredient to creating a taller leg and and as a result a taller look! This also goes with flats. Opting for a pointed one can do the trick and make you look much taller.

5) Go with Fitted Short Ensembles

Going with a fitted outfit and shorter hems can also help you look taller and more elongated. As you can see, for this look, I paired a black top and a black high waisted fitted skirt with pointy heels. Also, to add more fun to the look I wore a white shirt with long puffy sleeves underneath. This is the perfect ensemble to make you look more longer specially your legs.

Which of these three looks you like the best? Do you have any other tips to make you look longer? Comment here and share it with me <3




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