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3 Reasons Why Every Fashionista Must Own a Jumpsuit

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Comfy, versatile, and form-fitting, jumpsuits are going to be a staple item in our wardrobe this year, and I just can’t wait!

There is going to be one for every taste and body shape. The jumpsuit is an effortless choice and a great fashion investment whether you're heading to a picnic at the park or going for a tasteful night out! The comfy jumpsuits have been witnessed in an elegant key at Tod’s, in a retro reinterpretation at Gucci, and in androgynous cuts at Public School. Here are top 3 reasons why you should get your hands on some jumpsuits today!

1) They Are Versatile

Whether for a fancy event or a fun day out, jumpsuits can be the answer. You can style them with casual accessories for every day use or match it with a pair of heels and statement jewellery for more formal events. You can also wear a top underneath if you wish not to show too much skin.

2) They Are Comfortable

The unique silhouette of jumpsuits as a top and a pant connected at the waist perfectly hides that ‘trouble’ areas. Modern jumpsuits also tend to be looser fitting allowing you to move as comfortably as possible. Also with tops and bottoms, you constantly have to find their good matched when it comes to color or style, but with jumpsuits you put the whole thing on and you look like a million bucks!

Check out some of my favorite jumpsuits:

3) They Are Form-Fitting

Jumpsuits with high waists and long flared pants are petit women's best friend! They are perfect and creating an elongated and slimmer look specially the monochromatic ones. A good trick when it comes to jumpsuits is going with those with longer hems and pairing them with heels to create a longer silhouette.

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