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Seeing Clearly!

So after watching the eye-opening documentary the “The True Cost”, I had an awakening about how important it is to think about where our clothes and fashion accessories are produced and how. I have to admit that even though I am in tune with the world news and events, I was oblivious regarding the severity of the impact of our actions on places and people who are involved in the manufacturing of these products.

I buy hundreds of clothing and accessories every year, just because they are affordable and they look good, without thinking twice about the sacrifices of those who are suffering to produce them at this low cost. That’s why is my number one destination for trendy and affordable eyewear, which also embraces sustainability.

The process of online shopping for glasses on Clearly is like a breeze. You can customize your glasses based on your size, your preferred colours and the type of lenses that works best for you. Also, it’ll only take less than 10 days until you see your glasses at your doorstep. This means shopping at the convenience of your home without having to drive around, checking different stores for the best style or price and as a results less harm to the environment.

Clearly also has a Buy One, Give One initiative where they give someone in need the gift of sight when you purchase a pair of glasses! By their partnership with The Essilor Vision Foundation, they have activated this program at a global scale. As someone with a very high prescription, the fact that there are boys and girls in other parts of the world who don’t have the privilege to navigate through their lives or even read because they cannot afford glasses, it absolutely breaks my heart and is another reason why I highly value and support Clearly’s mission. Another aspect making Clearly a sustainable eyewear brand, is that their latest collection, Main And Central, which I’m styling here (scroll down to view the photos) are made with biodegradable material.

Aesthetics, functionality, sustainability and great service are all at the core of Clearly is about. check out their site for their exclusive collections and to find your perfect fit!




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