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A Timeless Gift for Someone Special | Jord Watches

As you may know, my motto when it comes to style is to be unique and to embrace one’s individuality. With the world becoming a tiny global village and social media spreading the latest fashion trends across the world like the plague, it seems that everyone is sporting the same kind of looks whether in London, New York, Paris or even in the humble city of Vancouver! That’s why I love unique items that get you tons of compliments simply because they stand out.

When the team at Jord, a unique wood watch brand, reached out to me to partner up for a giveaway for my readers, I was immediately hooked. What sets Jord apart is that their wood watches are minimalistic and distinct in design made with sophisticated craftsmanship and to be honest you can’t find anything like them. Whether you are shopping for someone special or for yourself, Jord Watches make the perfect gift that definitely stands out! You can engrave the watch and add a little note to personalize it and make it more than just a tool for telling the time, but also to tell a story! Also, the boxes in which Jord wood watches are delivered are so beautiful and elegant that you can be sure the recipient will feel extra special!

Click on this link to enter the giveaway for $100 off of your favorite Jord unique Wood Watches and 10% off. Also, scroll down to check out how I style the classic Cassia watch that the Jord team kindly gifted to me.