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Fur Sleeves, A Twist to The Timeless Classic

Although Spring has officially started, in Vancouver, the weather is still freezing cold and faux furs are the way to keep warm and look stylish. Faux fur have always hold a special place in my heart for winter. I have a bold personality and I want what I wear to reflect my personality. Also, as a petite fashionista, I always like to stand out than to sink into the crowd and fur coats and accessories can transform ordinary outfits to create stunning looks. My new favorite when it comes to Winter coats are the twist to the classic styles with voluminous fur sleeves.

I've received the beautiful beige coat with fur sleeves from Stylewe a shopping platform curating pieces from independent fashion designers. Their styles are unique and cutting edge, and you can be sure to receive your items very fast which for me is one of the most important aspects when it comes to online sopping. Scroll down to check out how I styled their coat with a hot red faux fur shawl and a red barrett to create an even more exaggerated look. Comment here what you think about this look? Yay or nay?




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