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The Transformative Journey of My #NotSoOnFleek Eyebrows

I am not blessed with great eyebrows like my fellow Persians and was contemplating about giving the latest cosmetic trend a try to upgrade my #NotSoOnFleek eyebrows with Microblading. I did a lot of research to find the best place and to find out whether the procedure is for me. My concern was that I really didn’t want my brows to look unnatural. Unfortunately, there are a lot of clinics which do not consider the shape of someone's face or skin tone and go with the one-size-fits-all approach to eyebrows. The result? Unproportionately super dark Cara Delevingne-like brows on a tiny face! Well, some might like that, but not me. So for me it was essential to find an aesthetician who can work with my face to avoid too big or too dark brows and basically give them a natural upgrade.

Five Weeks After Procedure

After days of online research, I finally came across Maryam Colahi’s Studio located in Yaletown, and I really loved the comprehensive aftercare guide on the website and the before and after photos on their Instagram page. The after-care guide made me feel at ease as it clearly described what I can expect after the procedure and the photos helped me get an idea of what I can expect. Maryam Colahi is the eyebrow whisperer behind the studio with over two decades of experience in the beauty industry. What I loved about Maryam’s work was that you couldn’t tell that the women actually had a procedure if you looked that the final looks, but when you checked the before ones you could tell the impact of the transformation.

Scroll down to check out the before and after photos. I took them with my cell phone so you can see the unedited and unfiltered before and after shots. As you can see my before eyebrows were thin, uneven and just not #OnFleek!


I arrived at Maryam’s studio and was calmed by the serene atmosphere and Maryam’s kindness. She filled out my brows and showed me what I can expect. To share about the procedure, it is about 2 to 3 hours long and it does hurt at times but you’ll have the area numbed so you don’t feel it as much. Right after the procedure, I was so surprised about the result! My eyebrows looked amazing. Natural, thick and the color was just perfect for my face and skin tone, as you can see in the after photos. I also went out right away and it didn’t look red or too thick.

To maintain the initial great look, you have to make sure to comply to the after care regiment. You can check it out here to get the comprehensive view of what you can expect. After the third day you can expect the area to get dry and form scab. But the important thing is not to freak out and know that it’s the natural part of the healing process. I also included in the post, the photos of my eyebrows after 5 weeks of the first procedure. You are required to get a touch-up within two months of the first procedure to get the final look that you want. In my next post, I will be streaming the whole treatment to share with you exactly what you can expect and will chat with Maryam about her work. Comment here and let me know if you have any questions, we can answer them in our video!

I am so pleased with my experience and I'm very happy that I went with the procedure. Now looking back at my older photos, I realize how significant are eyebrows in the way we look. After the procedure, what I loved about Maryam's work was that my friends would tell me that I look great but they can't put their fingers at what I've done which is the compliment we always love to receive. I sincerely recommend the procedure to those who don't have the most perfect eyebrows like me as it's a worthwhile investment. Stay tuned for my video and share your questions in the comment section.





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