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Herschel Hip Pack | My True Travel Companion

When you are travelling, most often you have to carry your valuable items with you when you explore around. From passport, cash, to phone and lipstick (which for me is the most valuable amongst all :) ) you need to take these everywhere you go and losing them would be catastrophic when you're away! Also, I typically walk up to 20 Km, if not more, every single day to visit as many spots as I can. Carrying a big and heavy bag which you have to dig for hours to find what you are looking for can be daunting and inconvenient. There's always the risk of pickpocketing or losing your bag when you stop by somewhere or when you leave it on a table or chair. So what's a stylish alternative for purses when travelling that even slims your waste?

The answer is the "hip pack" from Herschel or commonly known as the fanny pack! As the 90s fashion has resurfaced this year, this formerly tabooed touristy accessory is back and received a very high-fashion makeover!

During my trip in Barcelona in the past two weeks, this Herschel hip pack has been my true travel companion allowing me to explore this beautiful city with an ease of mind. Also perfectly matched with any outfit and slimming my waste (which has been struggling with all the delicious Jamón and Paella), the fanny pack was just what I needed! Scroll down to check out how I style the hip bag with one classic ensemble and the other, with a more edgy look! Also, comment and share what your favorite fashion or accessory item is when travelling!




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