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One of my excitements about visiting Barcelona was checking out the Barcelona-based fashion Haven Mango. I adore the minimal aesthetics, the European sophistication and the right amount of playfulness that this Spanish brand incorporates into its collection. Soft hues and relaxed silhouettes with a touch of cheekiness come effortless to Mango and these were exactly what I was on the hunt for my Spring/Summer wardrobe.

I put together a look, head to toe from Mango incorporating some my favroite Spring/Summer 2018 trends that are already dominating the streets this year. Lavender, as the colour of the year, and soft yellow are two shades that marry together perfectly for the warmer season and that's the colour theme that I opted for this look. Also, longer hems are the length of choice this year and I adore the maturity that comes along with it. To balance the longer silhouette, I was drawn to the floral silk for the dress to better showcase my playful personality. I went with the soft lavender mules reminding me of Manolo Blahnik's iconic Pilgrim mules and the bamboo basket bag which is a reminder of the picnics in the park with champaign and strawberries that are ahead of us.

For accessories, although as you may know I am a huge of of big statement earrings, I went with smaller since I also wanted to pair them with a long necklace accentuating the plunging neck. The accessories are from one of my favroite Vancouver-based jewelry brands Lover's Tempo carrying vintage-inspired and high-quality pieces. Scroll down to check out the photos and to shop the look!

As always, I also invite you to comment here what you think about this look!




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