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Fame and Partners, My Number One Destination for Dresses!

We've all been there. You get invited to a wedding or an important party and you browse your closet and you think to yourself you have nothing to wear! You go shopping and cannot find a single dress that is affordable, fits you perfectly and is exactly like what you have envisioned. When I was introduced to Fame and Partners, a clothing brand offering stunning evening, cocktail and casual dresses which can be customized based your exact taste and your precise size, I just needed to share the news with all of my readers, friends and family!

I have received two dresses from Fame and Partners, one was a jumpsuit and the other this stunning lavender dress which I styled in the photos you can see scrolling down. As a petit girl who's only 155 cm (5 foot 1) , I always had a challenge of finding the right long dress that is trendy, affordable and the right size! When you invest in an evening dress, you also rather not pay to get it altered as well. Fame and Partners however solves all of these issues!

Through their site, you can browse the gorgeous dresses and personalize your dress based on your exact taste and size and have it delivered to you in just a few days. This also reduces the embarrassing chances of encountering another girl with the same dress at a wedding or an important event, which by the way happened to me! You can add in your exact height to ensure the length of the dress is right for you. When you receive the dress, it comes in a beautiful box that just makes you feel special and when you wear it, it fit you like a glove!

Fame and Partners is my number one destination when it comes to shopping for dresses for any occasion! Head to their site to customize tour first dress!

Photo Credit: Aida Miri





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