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Designing My Dream Shoes with Shoes of Prey!

I have always been fascinated with design and had a dream of creating my own outfits. Back when I used to live in Iran, due to the lower costs of manpower and manufacturing, I would buy my own beautiful fabrics and come up with my designs and get them custom made. I always loved the idea to do the same for my footwear but the cost of doing so was so high, even in Iran, that I never could realize my dream. When I moved to Vancouver, I realized with the high cost of custom-made clothing, it made more sense to shop for my favroite designs. However, I would really miss the creative aspect of making my designs into reality and styling one-of-a-kind pieces that no one else owned. And suddenly, something magical happened! :)

I opened my email and in my inbox there was a message from Shoes of Prey, a customizable footwear brand, contracting me for a collaboration! So I checked the website and was so impressed by the level of customization that is possible with their collections! You can personalize the shape, the heel length, colours, material, and basically anything! I shared a video clip for you to check out the fun process of customizing one of my shoes on Shoes of Prey!