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The Smoke Show: An Event not to Be Missed

As a resident of Vancouver for the past eleven years, I often hear people complaining about the lack of exciting events or activities throughout the year. When you compared Vancouver, a city notoriously known as a no-fun city to for example New York or London, I think I can agree that the number of “cool” happenings are not as high, however, in Vancouver if you are in the know of what’s happening around the city, this city has so much to offer!

One of the events that every fun-loving adult in Vancouver should be aware of and must attend is the

Smok​e Show” which happens every Thursday at XY on Davie street. To describe the event is somewhat of a challenge, especially in the day of social media where to be is to be on social media. When you’re at the Smoke Show, you are not allowed to use your phone to take photos or videos which although prevented from event to become viral, it causes the audience to actually enjoy the show!

The Show starts at 9 pm which is an ideal time to get together with your friends after dinner over a glass of wine and a show that you won’t forget!

The event starts and right away you feel the excitement through the cabaret-inspired music with eight stunning and incredibly talented dancers walking around the stage and owning every square meter of the venue. Each dancer exudes a very distinct personality while interacting with each other and with the audience making you as if you are also a part of the show. Filled with fun and flirty numbers, these dancers know how to tease!

If you want to have a fun night out with a couple of girlfriends, or want to have a playful date, this event is for you! Make sure to check it out before the event is over! Get your tickets here.




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