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Authentique, Middle-Eastern Flare with a Canadian Spirit

As a Persian living in Canada, a country that embraces multiculturalism, I love to hunt for pieces from other origins and incorporate them into unique looks. If you follow my Instgarm account, you might've come across my ensembles with items with distinct patterns or silhouettes from all around the globe. But finding these pieces that are truly unique to a region is no easy task, and most often requires travelling all around the world. That's why when I was introduced to Authentique label, I got hooked right away.

Nada Marzouk, a Torontorian, originally from Egypt, had made it possible for fashionistas to seamlessly embrace the colourful and unique aesthetic of the middle east at the ease of your home! Nada empowers emerging fashion designers from Egypt and curates their stunning clothing and accessories that are truly one-of-a-kind and yet modern to be worn from day to night. What makes Authentique even more unique is the 3D technology allowing users to virtually try out the items to shop with a piece of mind.

If you're looking for statement pieces that you can't find in your typical department stores and boutiques, then I definitely recommend a visit to Authentique's online store. Scroll down the post to check out how I style their stunning Palatial Wall vest by Chevron with modern elements for a more balanced look. Chevron is a brand that designs and creates wearable art with stories. The details in this vest tell a story throughout the ages from poetry masterpieces to eye dazzling Islamic architecture.




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