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W Bellevue - A Colourful Oasis

I had the pleasure of staying at the W Bellevue hotel over the weekend and was beyond happy with the quality of service, the decoration and stunning view of the room, the well-equipped gym, the dining experience, and all the fun activities that we could get up to!

If you want a perfect weekend getaway to recharge, stay active, have fun and engage in some retail therapy, then this hotel is the right destination for you!

One of the murals at W Bellevue

The Entrance

As soon as you enter the W Bellevue hotel, you will be taken to a tastefully-decorated oasis that is also the perfect spot for some fresh Instagram content! The colourful murals set the perfect backdrops to capture some timeless memories of your stay with your friends, family or loved ones!

Only 20 minutes away from Downtown Seattle, the location is the ideal for those who want to stay away from the hustle and bustle of the busy city and still be close to the happening!